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The House of Prayer
for All Nations

Our Pastor

Camille “Kim” Elijah Bergeron was born in 1939 at Dixville, Quebec. He was the youngest of twenty-one children. At nine months of age Kim was given away to his half brother Paul.

In 1948 his family relocated to the Barre Vermont area. In 1956 he moved to the Three Rivers section

Pastor C. Kim Bergeron - The House of Prayer for All Nations, Inc.
of Palmer, Massachusetts where he has lived ever since. He married Irene Renaud in 1959 at Three Rivers. Shortly after they had two sons, Rick and Gary. Over the course of many years Kim oversaw the daily operation of the family furniture business.

Kim was raised a Roman Catholic and attended Catholic schools. During the 1970s the Lord began to reveal himself in Kim’s life. With these experiences came the desire to share and teach. In 1977 he formed and led a Catholic Charismatic prayer group at St Anns in Three Rivers.

In 1979 he began attending Grace Church of Christ in Springfield, MA. The pastor, Gino L. Rufo, became a friend, mentor, and teacher to Kim. In 1984 Kim was chosen to run the “Grace Church of Christ Prayer Line and Counseling Center”. Through his position he provided prayer, Christian counseling, and teaching to many. He also became a deacon at the church and for many years led a Tuesday evening service that was well attended.

While visiting the holy land in 1999, Kim had a powerful revelation at the Church for All Nations in Jerusalem, Israel. It was from this experience that the House of Prayer for All Nations ministry was born. In 2000 Kim became an ordained minister by the Pinecrest Bible Training Center in Salisbury Center, NY. The House of Prayer for All Nations was officially incorporated on March 11, 2003.